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Charlie Wilson

These campaign ads are great. I wish we had another Charlie Wilson in Congress. We could have used him these past few weeks.



Mike Rowe on Work

Here is Mike Rowe’s testimony before a Senate Committee that is very moving. At least to me. Whose mother baked donuts and worked up to 4 jobs at a time so our family of five could simply survive.

My maternal grandmother worked in a cannery and my maternal grandfather was a fisherman.  My father is a pipefitter. My Grandfather built ships and then ran a country store. And in a never more true example of a dirty job, my uncle and grandmother, who taught me how to be a butcher and how to make smoked sausage. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a nice link of smoked deer sausage should appreciate those who made it possible. They should appreciate that it often required that you be elbow deep in a deer or hog carcass and that it required you to touch sheep intestines with your hands.

This is also worth a watch. Not for the squeamish or the reactionary.

The denigration of work is a topic that everyone in academia wants to avoid. They should know better. Not once did I feel sorry for myself that I learned how to butcher a deer before I learned how to type, yet sometimes I feel that some of my colleagues in the political world who went to Harvard or Yale and never had to mow their own yard think I should. Maybe I am pounding on the working class pulpit a little too hard but it surely does not feel that way.

The truth is that Skilled Labor is just as dignified a pursuit as a doctorate in the classics. This guy understands that. He understands it because he has done the work.

Everyone Wants Better. No One Wants Change

Everyone Wants Better. No One Wants Change.

Jonathan Shields writes about the conflict surrounding change.

Everyone wants to own the result, nobody wants to own the process.

Especially when it involves change or disruption to the patterns around which they’ve grown accustomed.

A really smart entrepreneur once told me Maslow got it wrong.

The fundamental need is not survival, but rather the need to not have to endure change.

I laughed. But, increasingly, I’m finding truth in those words.

I often hear different definitions of leadership.

How about this…

A leader is someone who is willing to own not just the result, but the process.

What do you think?

I do find many things to think about in Shields’ comments. The thing that weighs most heavily on me is the difference today in our current political/policy environment between those who have change thrust upon them and those who do the thrusting of the change.

Today, everyone who is not already rich are the ones having change thrust upon them; change to their dreams, change to their standard of living, change to their hopes for their children.

Increasingly I see little difference between the Ultra Rich, the CEO’s and our elected officials. Except maybe that our elected officials are often wholly owned subsidiaries of multinational corporations as opposed to responsive to the democratically expressed needs of their constituents.


Clients From Hell

For anyone who has had to get mail approved by a candidate. Any Candidate.

Clients From Hell


“I welcome their hatred.” FDR

Government by organized money is just as dangerous as government by organized mob.



Anyone who has been there at the beginning will appreciate this.