Mike Rowe on Work

Here is Mike Rowe’s testimony before a Senate Committee that is very moving. At least to me. Whose mother baked donuts and worked up to 4 jobs at a time so our family of five could simply survive.

My maternal grandmother worked in a cannery and my maternal grandfather was a fisherman.  My father is a pipefitter. My Grandfather built ships and then ran a country store. And in a never more true example of a dirty job, my uncle and grandmother, who taught me how to be a butcher and how to make smoked sausage. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a nice link of smoked deer sausage should appreciate those who made it possible. They should appreciate that it often required that you be elbow deep in a deer or hog carcass and that it required you to touch sheep intestines with your hands.

This is also worth a watch. Not for the squeamish or the reactionary.

The denigration of work is a topic that everyone in academia wants to avoid. They should know better. Not once did I feel sorry for myself that I learned how to butcher a deer before I learned how to type, yet sometimes I feel that some of my colleagues in the political world who went to Harvard or Yale and never had to mow their own yard think I should. Maybe I am pounding on the working class pulpit a little too hard but it surely does not feel that way.

The truth is that Skilled Labor is just as dignified a pursuit as a doctorate in the classics. This guy understands that. He understands it because he has done the work.


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